Please contact DRM at 1.800.233.7201 if you would like any of the following documents in alternative format(s).

Special Education

1. Special Education Rights: A Handbook for Maryland Families and Professionals 12th Edition (2017) – a 60 page handbook designed as a guide for helping families navigate the special education system and IEP process. Includes sample forms and letters. (PDF)

2. The School Discipline Process: A Handbook for Maryland Families and Professionals  (2017) – a 44 page handbook about the school discipline process for all students, especially those with disabilities. (PDF)

3. Extended School Year Services an advocate’s guide to the legal issues involved in obtaining ESY services for school-aged children. This 28-page outline was developed with a grant from, and posted with the permission of, the National Association of Protection and Advocacy Services (now called National Disability Rights Network). (PDF)

4. Chronology of the Vaughn G. special education lawsuit against Baltimore City Public City Schools. This documents sets out the history of the case from 1988 to 2008. (PDF)

5. In the Name of Treatment: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child From the Use of Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusions. This 18-page handbook produced by the Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion (APRAIS) can be downloaded here. (PDF)*This is not a DRM publication.

6. Special education and juvenile justice power point presentation (Powerpoint, approx. 60 slides) October 2010.

7. Obtaining Special Education Services for Children with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). January 2011. (PDF)

8. Together Beyond the School Day: TIPS for parents and caregivers. August 2016 (PDF)
Mas alla del Dia Escolar: Actividades Fuera de Tiempo de la Escuela para TODOS! (PDF)

9. Know Your Rights! Printable Suspension Card. September 2016 (PDF)

Social Security/ Medicaid for Working Adults

1. Social Security Administration Ticket to Work fact sheet – a series of fact sheets in Question and Answer format, describing the Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work program. (2017. PDF.)

Your Ticket to Work Brochure – Social Security Administration (Feb. 2015. PDF)
Get Started Today – five ways to learn more about the Ticket to Work program.

General Ticket to Work Information
What Can an Employment Network Do For Me?
Choosing an Employment Network
Your Rights in the Ticket to Work Program
Ticket to Work Grievance Process

2. Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID), also known as the “Medicaid Buy-In”. Current information can be found by visiting the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s EID webpage.

3. Representative Payee: reporting allegations of misuse of funds

4. Information for people with a representative payee managing their Social Security money

Children’s Medicaid Services

1. Accessing Mental Health Services for Children in Maryland Through the Medical Assistance Medicaid EPSDT Benefit a fact sheet for you to use in order to help a child under the age of 21 to get medically necessary services through the Medical Assistance program. Sept. 2009 (PDF)
Sample Service Request Letter (Microsoft Word)
Sample Follow-Up Letter (Microsoft Word)

2a. Accessing Services for Children with Developmental Disabilities in Maryland through Medical Assistance/Medicaid and MCHP: a 10-page handbook about using Medicaid, Medical Assistance, and Maryland Children’s Health Program to get services for children with developmental disabilities. Sept 2009 (PDF)

2b. Access to Children’s Medical Services Through Medical Assistance. A short, easy-to-read version of the handbook listed above (document #2a). Sept 2009 (PDF)

3. Access to Children’s Mental Health Services Through Medical Assistance. Sept 2009 (Word Doc)

4a. Maryland’s Autism Waiver; A Practical Guide for Families – UPDATE IN PROGRESS. PLEASE CHECK BACK.
4b. Maryland’s Autism Waiver Fact Sheet – UPDATE IN PROGRESS. PLEASE CHECK BACK.
4c. Sample Service Request Letter for the Autism Waiver – UPDATE IN PROGRESS. PLEASE CHECK BACK.
4d. Sample Hearing Request Letter for the Autism Waiver – UPDATE IN PROGRESS. PLEASE CHECK BACK.

5. Evidence-Based Practices for Delinquent Youth with Mental Illness in Maryland: Medicaid Must Cover These Cost Effective Services. (PDF) This public report issued January 31, 2007 makes the case that Maryland must cover three evidence-based practices (EBPs) for delinquent youth with mental illness who need them under the State’s Medicaid program. These practices — Functional Family Therapy, Multisystemic Therapy, and Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care — have been demonstrated to reduce juvenile violence and delinquency, thus improving outcomes for youth and saving states money at the same time. MDLC makes recommendations for state agency action to add these practices to its State Medicaid Plan and take advantage of federal matching funds that other states have been able to receive for these services.

6. Assistive Technology: School to Community Transition Project. A short pamphlet describing MDLC’s work in this area. October 2012. (PDF)

7. How to Request and Prepare for a Medicaid AppealThis 6-page document written by Disability Rights Maryland helps Medicaid applicants and recipients know their appeal rights if their services are denied, reduced, or terminated, and it provides guidance on how to pursue the Medicaid appeal process in Maryland. September 2016. (PDF)

Adult Medicaid Services

1. Accessing Services for Adults Age 21 and Older with Developmental Disabilities through Maryland Medical Assistance/ Medicaid A 20-page handbook in “question and answer” format. August 2012. (PDF)

2. Get the Health Care and Other Services You Need Under Medicaid/ Medical Assistance – a 6 page document for self-advocates. This is also available as a folded booklet by calling our office. September 2008

3. Money Follows the Individual Accountability Act of 2004 (Microsoft Word)- A 2-page summary of a new law effective July 1, 2004 to help people who want to move out of a nursing facility.

4. How to Obtain Assistive Technology Communication Devices from Medical Assistance. October 2012 (PDF)

 5. How to Request and Prepare for a Medicaid AppealThis 6-page document written by Disability Rights Maryland helps Medicaid applicants and recipients know their appeal rights if their services are denied, reduced, or terminated, and it provides guidance on how to pursue the Medicaid appeal process in Maryland. September 2016. (PDF)

Developmental Disabilities

1. Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Medicaid Waiver: A Practical Guide (Microsoft Word). This information will explain how to apply for services for people with developmental disabilities, what services are available, why there is a waiting list for services, who is most likely to be able to get services, who will help you, and what to expect once you are enrolled in the system. December 2014.

A. Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration
B. History and Background
C.Applying to DDA for the Medicaid Waiver
D. DDA’s Waiting List
E. DDA’s Coordination of Community Services
F. Enrolling in DDA’s Medicaid Waiver
G. Your Individual Plan
H. Rights of Waiver Recipients
I. Appeals
J. DDA Medicaid Waiver Services
K. Waiver Services in Detail
L. Sample Letters

2. Developmental Disabilities Administration – Eligibility and Priority: This page will provide you with information on the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s (DDA) eligibility criteria and priority categories. May 2016.(Word Doc)

3. Where to Report Abuse or Neglect by a Developmental Disabilities Administration Provider. This page will provide you with contact information for reporting allegations of abuse or neglect by Developmental Disability providers and/or staff. August 2016. (Word Doc)

4. Rosewood Center: A Demand for Closure. (PDF) This public report issued February 1, 2007 documents violations of rights, inadequate treatment, illegal use of restraint and seclusion, failure to protect from harm, continued illegal segregation of persons with intellectual disabilities, the failed mission within the forensic program (including individuals determined “incompetent to stand trial”) and unjustifiable institutional costs. DRM makes recommendations for closing the institution and taking advantage of new federal money to transfer individuals to the community.


1. Voter Hotline Bill of Rights (Word Doc)

2. Ensuring the full particpation of people with disabilities in the voting process (Word Doc)

3.  A Guide to the Voting Rights of People with Mental Disabilities 2016. (PDF from the Bazelon Center, NDRN, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP)

4. Helping Maryland Vote: An election judge’s guide to helping voters with disabilities (PDF).

5. Information on Maryland’s Accessible Ballot Marking Machines (PDF)

Students in Sports

1. Fitness and Athletic Equity law (Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article, § 7-4B) (PDF)

2. Corollary Athletic Programs (Code of Maryland Regulations, COMAR 13A.06.04) (Word Doc)


1. Guardianship and Its Alternatives: A Handbook on Maryland Law.  An 88-page handbook by University of Maryland School of Law, Law & Healthcare Program, and the Maryland State Bar Association.(PDF)

2. Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals by the ADA National Network (PDF)

3. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by the Institute for Community Inclusion provides a brief summary of how the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act will help workers, including workers with disabilities, access employment, education, job training, and support services, giving them the chance to advance their careers and secure good jobs for the future.(PDF)

4. Planning Now: A comprehensive, easy to use futures and estate planning guide for families of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Topics include: financial and healthcare benefits, wills, trusts, tax considerations, financial planning and more.(PDF)

5. Maryland Citizens in Psychiatric Crisis: A public report issued in conjunction with the Center for Public Representation, detailing the experiences of individuals with a psychiatric diagnosis in Maryland’s emergency departments and making recommendations to improve quality of care and to expand access to alternative community crisis services. (2007. PDF)


1. SunShineFolk: The Sun Shines Brighter at Home. (2007) A link to YouTube website to view a 10 minute film by people with disabilities who left nursing facilities to live in their own homes.

2. Living Free. (2006) A 12 minute film about people with disabilities choosing to live in their own homes rather than in institutions.

3. Behind Closed Doors (2007). A 20 minute film about 4 women struggling to reconcile violence within the psychiatric system.

4. Healing Neen (2010). A 54 minute film following one woman’s powerful transformation from homelessness, addiction, and incarceration to becoming a nationally renowned speaker on the devatating effects of untreated trauma ….. and the hope of recovery.

DRM Annual Reports and general material

1. 2015-2016 Report to the Community (PDF)
2. 2013-2014 Report to the Community (PDF)
3. 2011-2012 Report to the Community (PDF)
4. 2009-2010 Report to the Community (PDF)
5. 2007-2008 Report to the Community (PDF)
6. 2006-2007 Report to the Community (PDF)
7. Grievance Policy (2017)(PDF) and Grievance Form (2017)(PDF)


  1. El Proceso de la Disciplina Escolar July 2017. (PDF)

2. Techologia de Asistencia de la Escuela a la Comunidad Proyecto de Transicion (AT Transition brochure), Oct. 2012. (PDF)

3. Como Obtener Dispositivos de Comunicacion a traves de Asistencia Medica/ Medicaid (AT Services Under MA brochure), Oct. 2012. (PDF)

4. Como Obtener Servicios para Ninos con Discapacidades de Desarrollo a traves de Medicaid/ Assistencia Medica en Maryland and MCHP (Children’s DD handbook) Abril 2012. (PDF)

5. Cómo Obtener Servicios para Adultos Mayores de 21 con Discapacidades de Desarrollo a través del Programa de Asistencia Médica de Maryland/Medicaid (Adult DD handbook) Agosto 2012. (PDF)

6. Obtenga la Atencion y Servicios de Salud que Necesita con Asistencia Medica/ Medicaid (Self Advocate DD/MA brochure) Mayo 2012. (PDF)

7. La tutela y sus alternativas: un manual sobrela ley de Maryland (Guardianship handbook) August 2012.(PDF)

8. Como Obtener Servicios de Educacion Especial para Alumnos con Traumatismo Encefalo Craneano (TEC) o (TBI en Engles). (TBI brochure). October 2011. (PDF)

9. Mas alla del Dia Escolar: Actividades Fuera de Tiempo de la Escuela para TODOS! (OST Tips for Parents and Caregivers)August 2016. (PDF)

10. Planificar Ahora 2014. (PDF)