DRM Board Meeting

September 21, 2022

1. Call to order

2. Approve agenda

3. Approve June 22, 2022 Board Meeting minutes

4. Committee Memberships: Ryan Perlin

5. Finance Committee:

a. Finance Report – Mike McGuire

b. Presentation of Proposed FY 2023 Budget – Mike McGuire

c. DRM Staff Bonus Amount

Action Item: Board vote on Proposed FY 2023 Budget

6. PAIMI Council Report: Sheryl Eni, PAIMI Council Chair

7. Strategic Planning Committee Report: Neil Ellis & Robin Murphy

a. Protection & Advocacy Developmental Disabilities (PADD) Priorities

b. FY 2023 Advocacy Services Plan

Action Items: Vote on Proposed FY 2023 PADD Priorities & Advocacy Services Plan

8. Nominations Committee – Jessie Weber & George Nilson

a. Present Slate of Executive Committee Nominees for FY 2023

President: Ryan Perlin (retaining current position)

Vice President: JaMar Mancano

Treasurer: Steve Manekin

Secretary: Michelle Johnson

Immediate Past President: Neil Ellis (2nd term)

(Per email sent to Board members 9/14/2022)

b. Report Nominations Committee Interviews

Action Items: Vote on Executive Committee Nominees Vote on Nominations Committee Proposed New Board Members

9. Executive Director Report: Robin Murphy

10. Thank you to the Outgoing Executive Committee Members

11. Welcome to the Incoming Executive Committee Members

12. Adjourn



Draft June 22, 2022 Minutes

PAIMI Council Report

Executive Director’s Report, September 21, 2022

Finance Report, September 21, 2022

FY 2023 Proposed Budget

FY 2023 PADD Priorities

FY 2023 Advocacy Services Plan