Expanded Services for Adults with Brain Injury

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The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has temporarily expanded the technical eligibility for the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for Adults with Brain Injury (Brain Injury Waiver), which provides residential, day, supported-employment, and individual-support services to adults with neurobehavioral, cognitive, and physical deficits resulting from a brain injury. The Brain Injury Waiver typically only allows transition from just a handful of nursing facilities, but applicants may now transition from all private nursing facilities. The MDH is currently evaluating the sustainability of this expansion, which will remain in effect until November 2023.


Under the temporary expansion, Marylanders residing in Maryland nursing facilities, chronic hospitals, or state owned and operated facilities may be eligible for this program if:

  • They are between the ages of 22-64;
  • They have sustained an acquired brain injury that occurred after the age of 17;
  • The brain injury resulted in a cognitive, physical, behavioral, or emotional disability;
  • The individual’s income does not exceed $2,742 per month nor has assets that exceed $2,000 in value;
  • Their needs meet a nursing facility or chronic hospital level of care; and
  • Their medical issues are chronic, predictable, stable, and routine.


If you or someone you know is in a private nursing facility, is interested in living in the community with services via the Brain Injury Waiver and meets the above criteria, complete this interest form as soon as possible before the temporary expansion period ends in November 2023.  The form will connect you with staff from the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, who can assist with determining Waiver eligibility and the application process. The process can take a while, so the sooner you complete the interest form, the better.


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