The PAIMI Program & Advisory Council


The Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI)

Disability Rights Maryland’s (DRM) federally-funded Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) program provides legal advocacy services benefiting Marylanders with psychiatric disabilities. The PAIMI program was created in 1986 after investigations revealed horrific conditions in mental health facilities throughout the nation. Our vital role under PAIMI is to be an advocate for children and adults who have a mental health diagnosis, among the most marginalized and stigmatized of our citizens. DRM provides a range of critical legal services to advocate for the rights of people with mental illness, from information and referral to individual and class representation. DRM monitors psychiatric facilities to keep people free from harm, investigates reports of abuse and neglect, and advocates for systemic reforms.

PAIMI Advisory Council (PAC)

The PAIMI Advisory Council (PAC) is comprised of community members who assist DRM Staff and Board in developing our PAIMI program priorities and providing oversight. Council members provide valued perspective and recommendations on DRM’s work protecting the rights of people with psychiatric illness.

PAC meeting are currently held on the fourth Tuesday of the month in April, July and September.

2024 PAC Membership:

Andrew Petrie, Chair

Laura Anderson

Adrienne (“Adie”) Baez

Vanessa Brooks

Lydia X.Z. Brown

Jessica Cowing

Albert Davydov

Keith Gethers

Susan Kadis

Dorothy Lemon-Thompson 

Audralina Sherman

Gail Spence

Tony Wright


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Read the PAIMI Advisory Council description to learn about the role and how to become a member.


To apply, click here to submit the application online, or download a paper copy of the application here and mail or fax your application to DRM.


For more information, please contact Luciene Parsley, at or 443-692-2494.


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