Special Education Intake Department is available for questions or requests related to special education services for children.

General Intake Department is available for questions or requests related to all other disability-related legal issues.

To reach either department, please use the phone numbers listed to the right.

Please do not send requests for legal representation by email. Send comments about this website or about our advocacy services plan to 

DRM staff
To contact any of the staff members, send an email to first name last initial @ For example, to send a message to Jane Doe, type:

Leadership Team:
Meghan Marsh, Interim Executive Director

Alyssa Fieo, Director of Legal Advocacy
Charmaine Glass, Director of Finance
Lauren Young, Director of Litigation

Kate Anderson, Attorney

Susana Barrios, Advocate
Bob Berlow, Senior Attorney
Ashley Black, Attorney
Pamela Foresman, Pro Bono Coordinator
Marni Greenspoon, Attorney
Sabriyah Hassan, Special Education Advocate
Ben Jackson, Attorney

Nicole Joseph, Attorney
Hal Malone, Intake Specialist
Leslie Margolis, Managing Attorney
Tacha Marshall, Paralegal
Tiffany Nance, Accountant

Staff (continued)
Alyssa Navarette, Attorney

Luciene Parsley, Senior Attorney
Jacqueline Phillips, Office Assistant
Nancy Pineles, Managing Attorney
David Prater, Attorney
Tracey Rogers, Office Manager
Casey Shea, Attorney
Sarah Steege, Attorney
Cathy Surace, Managing Attorney
Jordyn Taylor, Development Associate
Kira Wilpone-Welborn, Attorney

Amanda White, Attorney
Tracy Wright, Voting Advocate