Developmental Disabilities

Two men with developmental disabilities conducting an interview and smiling

DRM advises and represents individuals, and advocates for better policies for people with developmental disabilities. Individual cases prioritize leaving or avoiding institutions, eligibility for services, and serious rights violations. Policy issues address improving the quality of and access to home and community based services.

Help DDA Become More User Friendly! DRM calls on you to help Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) with its Transformation of services and processes.  DDA has listened to the public and is making many changes.  Your opinions about these changes will matter, so DDA needs to hear from you.  You can learn more about the proposed changes and offer your opinions by participating in webinars and responding to surveys. This document provides more information about DDA Webinars and Information Sessions – DDA Webinars

For a wealth of other resources for people with developmental disabilities and those who support them, see The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council website at: www.MD-Council.org/resources

DRM provides resources and publications regarding developmental disabilities:

1. Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) Medicaid Waiver: A Practical Guide (Microsoft Word). This information will explain how to apply for services for people with developmental disabilities, what services are available, why there is a waiting list for services, who is most likely to be able to get services, who will help you, and what to expect once you are enrolled in the system. December 2014.

A. Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration
B. History and Background
C.Applying to DDA for the Medicaid Waiver
D. DDA’s Waiting List
E. DDA’s Coordination of Community Services
F. Enrolling in DDA’s Medicaid Waiver
G. Your Individual Plan
H. Rights of Waiver Recipients
I. Appeals
J. DDA Medicaid Waiver Services
K. Waiver Services in Detail
L. Sample Letters

2. Developmental Disabilities Administration – Eligibility and Priority: This page will provide you with information on the Developmental Disabilities Administration’s (DDA) eligibility criteria and priority categories. May 2016.

3. Where to Report Abuse or Neglect by a Developmental Disabilities Administration Provider. This page will provide you with contact information for reporting allegations of abuse or neglect by Developmental Disability providers and/or staff. August 2016.

4. Rosewood Center: A Demand for Closure. (PDF) This public report issued February 1, 2007 documents violations of rights, inadequate treatment, illegal use of restraint and seclusion, failure to protect from harm, continued illegal segregation of persons with intellectual disabilities, the failed mission within the forensic program (including individuals determined “incompetent to stand trial”) and unjustifiable institutional costs. DRM makes recommendations for closing the institution and taking advantage of new federal money to transfer individuals to the community.