DRM Supports Accessible Gender-Affirming Health Care

Trans gender flag with medical or doctor symbol on top

House Bill 283 and Senate Bill 460, the Trans Health Equity Act, expands Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming health care. Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) supports this bill. Sam Williamson, DRM attorney, is working with the Trans Rights Advocacy Coalition to ensure transgender Marylanders get access to life-saving health care. Major medical organizations, including the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization, have endorsed the medical necessity of this care. Strikingly, 39% of transgender individuals have one or more disabilities, compared to 15% of the general population. It is no surprise that failing to provide adequate treatment for a medical condition, such as gender dysphoria, leads to significant long-term health consequences. 

Providing full coverage for gender-affirming care is also legally required. Multiple federal courts have found that states violated nondiscrimination provisions in the Affordable Care Act when they withheld coverage for gender-affirming care.

Take Action: Call on your legislators to support the Trans Health Equity Act! | Advance Maryland

Listed below are several articles providing more details and sharing Sam’s expertise on the subject. Learn More:

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