Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) monitors psychiatric facilities and advocates to prevent and address abuse, neglect, coercive practices, and barriers to discharge in adult mental health facilities and Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs) for children. DRM also advocates for systemic reforms and policies that improve services and supports for persons with psychiatric disabilities and increase their self-determination and ability to make meaningful choices. DRM investigates certain patterns of discrimination and abuse or neglect of prisoners with serious mental health diagnoses in specific correctional facilities, and also provides limited advice and technical assistance on access to Medicaid-funded mental health care.

Mental Health Resources and Publications:

1. Know Your Rights: Sexual Abuse For Adults and Youth in Maryland’s State Psychiatric Facilities and RICAs: (PDF) (2020)

2. Know Your Rights: For Youth in Psychiatric Hospitals & Residential Treatment Centers: (PDF) (2020)

3. Know Your Rights: When Stopped By the Police in Maryland: (PDF) Being stopped by law enforcement is a stressful experience that can go bad quickly. Learn your rights and how to stay safe during police encounters in this brochure created by DRM’s Maryland PAIMI Council (2020).

4. Protection of Children with Disabilities in Residential Facilities – Restraining & Seclusion Training: (VIDEO) Have questions about how you can best support and respond to youth who experience restraint and seclusion in Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs)? This 60-minute online training will provide an overview of the laws regulating the use of restraint and seclusion in RTCs serving children and youth (2020). See also: