Without providing adequate notice to his family, the state reduced and then ended Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) for “Abdul,” a 13-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, autism, stereotypic movement disorder, and intellectual disability. DRM advocated for Abdul to be reinstated into his previous level of TBS pending his appeal. While the state ultimately authorized these hours pending the hearing, but before Abdul could receive them, he was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility for several weeks, which according to his neurologist, was due in part to the lack of in-home TBS services. DRM provided extensive support, including answers to legal questions and strategic advice, to a pro bono attorney who represented Abdul in appealing the reductions and termination of TBS hours. The administrative law judge found that the reductions below 40 hours/week of TBS, and the subsequent termination of his hours altogether, were improper. We will follow up to ensure that Abdul connects with an agency able to provide the ongoing 40 hours/week TBS services.