Eric Luedtke to Receive a Public Policy Leadership Award

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Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) is pleased to announce that Eric Luedtke, who serves as Chief Legislative Officer in Governor Wes Moore’s administration, will be honored as the recipient of DRM’s Public Policy Leadership Award at our 2023 Breaking Barriers Awards Gala. The Awards Gala will be held on Wednesday, September 20, at the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Public Policy Leadership Award celebrates individuals who demonstrate exceptional commitment, dedication, and ingenuity in shaping and advancing legislation that fosters a more inclusive and equitable world for individuals with disabilities.

For over eleven years from 2011 to January 2023, Eric represented Montgomery County in the Maryland House of Delegates and championed a wide range of issues, with a particular focus on education, environmental concerns and the rights of individuals with disabilities.

Drawing on his background as a middle school social studies teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools for eleven years, Eric spearheaded the preparation and delivery of a written request to the State Department of Education calling for the inclusion of lessons on the LGBTQ+ and disability rights movements in history curricula. Through his unwavering advocacy and with the support of 47 lawmakers, the request was approved. Maryland’s educational curricula now incorporate the rich history of the disability rights movement.

Eric’s successful efforts to advocate for limitations on the use of restraint and seclusion in public schools, as well as the promotion of a restorative approach to student discipline, resulted in improved outcomes and enhanced equity for students with disabilities in Maryland.

Moreover, Eric played a crucial role in the establishment of key initiatives such as the Therapeutic Child Care Grant Program, Work Opportunity Tax Credit for individuals with disabilities and the Maryland ABLE Program. These programs have significantly expanded access to vital resources that foster financial stability and independence for individuals with disabilities.

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About Eric Luedtke:

A Maryland native and graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, Eric started his career as a social studies teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools. In 2010, he was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, where over three terms he was one of the legislature’s leaders on education, economic development, and disability policy. In 2019, he was selected by Speaker Adrienne Jones to serve as House Majority Leader and to help lead Democrats in the House of Delegates. In addition to his legislative service, Eric taught in the School of Public Policy at his alma mater, leaving his elected position and professorship in 2023 to join the Moore administration. He lives in Montgomery County with his wife Dawn, a member of the Montgomery County Council, and their four children.

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